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Financial Statements and Tax Return Checklist 

Information required for preparation of financial statements and tax returns.

Please provide to us:


  • A reconciled cashbook; or
  • A copy of your computerised accounting file via portable device. Please advise the version of your program and your password, if applicable.
  • If you now use an on-line accounting program, please authorise us to login to the program and provide us with sign-in details.

As well as the above please prepare and provided the following:

  • Bank statements for business accounts, loan accounts and credit cards from 1st July to 30th June and copies of bank reconciliations.
  •  Value of trading stock held for resale excluding GST, and stock listing as at 30 June, if applicable.
  •  Livestock numbers on hand @ 30 June, if applicable.
  •  Value of work-in-progress excluding GST as at 30 June, if applicable. (Building and Construction Industry only).
  •  List of creditors at 30 June if not entered into your accounting program (i.e. expenses incurred / bills received prior to 30 June but not paid by you until after 30 June) broken down into various categories such advertising, telephone, purchases etc.
  • List of debtors at 30 June if not entered into your accounting program (i.e. invoices issued by you for work done before 30 June but where you have not received payment by 30 June)
  • Are any of these debtors are unlikely to be recovered?
  • Full documentation for any new loans, leases, chattel mortgages or rent agreements.
  • Full details of any assets purchased, sold or scrapped during the year including contracts, settlement letters, and solicitor’s documentation if applicable.
  • Details of any income received that is not recorded in your accounting records (eg received in cash).
  • Details of any expenses that are not recorded in your accounting records (eg paid in cash).
  • Motor vehicle expenses.
  • If you have not kept a logbook for your motor vehicle, please advise:

    • A reasonable estimate of business kilometres travelled during the year.  For example: ‘collect mail 4 times per week, 8km return x 4 x 52 weeks = 1,664km’.  If your travel is irregular, you will need to keep a logbook.

  • Details and invoices of insurance policies for business and income protection policies.
  • Confirmation letters from your Superannuation Fund regarding superannuation contributions for which you are claiming a deduction.
  • Annual PAYG Payment Summary Statement for the year ending (please retain a copy of the original statement before forwarding it to the Tax Office).
  • Payroll Tax statement as lodged (if applicable)
  • Annual WorkCover reconciliation statement.
  • Employer superannuation contribution statements.
  • Percentage of business use of home telephone and/or internet use as per logbook.
  • Details of any unrecorded personal drawings or expenditure paid from till takings.
  • Any personal income details (PAYG Payment Summaries, interest, dividends, managed fund investments, rental property information etc).
  • Private Health Insurance end of year statement.
  • Any other information that may assist us with preparation of your financials, and any correspondence you may have received during the year directly from the ATO.

Open checklist as PDF

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